Blackjack Card Counting

Card counting has the worst reputation in Blackjack, but one of the least understood strategies by the public. Cinema and television portray Blackjack as the fastest way to count cards. In films such as Rain Man , the card takers are told to tell the next card what happens after they win the game and win hands in succession. Of course, no one can read cards; you need to be able to calculate complex equations while tracking the movements of hundreds of different card positions.

But the truth behind counting cards in Blackjack is quite different, both good and bad. Actually, in Blackjack, the card counting player does not offer a guarantee of getting big gains in the short term. Instead, the techniques used in card counting offer players a small advantage in the hands of casinos. Good news, on the other hand, does not even need to count cards. Many people can learn relatively simple Blackjack card counting systems in a short time, and if you can take some time and learn more complicated systems, you can get some big advantages over the cash register. However, it takes a while and being rich is certainly not something you can easily do. 

Casino blackjack is usually distributed in a box of 6-8 decks. Cards are distributed until a certain number of cards are dispensed from the box – often 75% of the cards in the box are dealt before cards are re-mixed. This means that we have to keep track of which cards come out of the box during the game and have information about the other cards waiting to be dispatched.

How does this information benefit the player? Having certain cards on the deck is good for the player while the other cards are better for the dealer. As a general rule, big cards favor the player, small cards the club. More specifically, the horses and they are good for the player, while the five and four are good for the dealer.

The reason for this is that there are many things that can be done in general with the advantages of the aces and the options they offer. For example, if a player gets Blackjack paying 2 for 3, and the dealer does Blackjack, he only earns the player the amount he puts. Also, the player does not have to continue while the Blackjack croupier has to continue playing under 17 hands; which means that the croupier often exceeds 21 due to the box full of 10s. In addition, the player will be better at “double down” and can insure himself when he is rich enough with the 10s, and may give up more reliably in those hands in which the croupier is likely to be stronger.

In short, everything a Blackjack player can normally do becomes more efficient when the player has more than 10 and AS. On the other hand, the small cards will prevent all this struggle. If a lot of small cards are already out of the shoe, it is quite advantageous for the players who are left behind.

Blackjack card players can use the advantages of knowing the cards on the deck in many ways. As we have said before, card takers sometimes take out insurance depending on the cards left in the box and rarely change basic Blackjack strategies based on counting systems. However, the best way for card counters to gain advantage is to bet with more money while in the advantageous game; The odds are to make less money by the croupier.

Danger and Challenges of Blackjack Card Accountant

The good news : contrary to the popular belief that card counting is illegal; The card count is legal . As long as you do not cheat or use a device while playing, you can play for each hand you want, including following the playing cards and adjusting your game accordingly.

But that does not mean that casinos will not fight against the cards. While you try to count cards, casinos try to make the situation difficult or impossible for you. For example, a suspicious casino may secretly steal cards more often to reduce the conception, thereby making the count more ineffective. If you are known as a cardholder, you can also completely ban you from the blackjack game as the casino has the right to refuse play in any of your votes.

The challenge for those who count cards is to turn all the cards they have received into the advantage in accordance with the rules. If there was no danger of being caught; the player plays with a minimum bet until the advantage passes on his side, and afterwards he maximizes it. But trying this strategy is enough to get you out of the blackjack game. Instead, many of the blackjack systems rely on small but incremental changes to keep the player from getting caught trying to win in the long run.

Another danger in card counting is how much you have to take advantage of the size of the car. Yes, in the long run, a good card counters await the casinos to profit. But still, your results will prove just how vague you are as long as you play your basic strategy. While experiencing large gains or losses in short walks, you will see small advantages in the long walks.

Card Counting Systems

Card counting systems have many methods, including the following methods:

–           As-Five Blackjack Counting Systems – The easiest card counting system to learn

–          Hi-Lo Blackjack Card Counting Systems

–          Fast Blackjack Card Counting

–          Unbalanced Blackjack Card Counting Systems

–          Knockout Blackjack Card Counting (and its derivatives)

–          Revere Counts

–          Zen Counts

–          Wong Halts

Although these blackjack card counting systems do not change very easily ( as-five and high-low ) to extreme ( Wong half ), they have many common items. For example, throughout a box, the player is given values ​​for different cards that must follow the order. While cards that are good for the player are negative (we prefer to call them cards), bad cards are positive. In many systems, this number, which tells the player how rich the remaining box is in good cards, is roughly divided by the number of cards on the deck.

A majority of Blackjack card counting systems use this correct count to determine how much bet he will bet on hand, and whether the dealer will insure it if he shows it. The Blackjack Card Counting System is based on the odds that cards on the deck are rarely changed in an alternate game, and tells the player when to leave the basic strategy and play a different hand.

Some of the Blackjack card counting systems require the players to keep the number of aces at different edges. The reason for this is that the aces can affect a wide variety of shapes compared to other cards. If the number of available ace players is more than enough to bet, they must know how much of the 10 cards are in play. Thus, more sophisticated systems will keep the number of aces independent to make this difference.

This brings us to an important point: there is a trade-off that you must make when choosing the card counting system. More complex systems offer greater potential awards. But this brings with it greater risks. Players are more likely to make mistakes when counting extra information, and a few errors may cause the player to lose all the advantages of the game. If you are asked to choose between a simple system you are a master and a complex system where you are not very good; While the complex system offers you a greater advantage over the muscle, it is always better to choose a simple system. 

Latest Thinking About Blackjack Card Counting

Before learning a Blackjack card counting system, you must first make sure that you start with the simplest card counting system. The Blackjack card counting system is the best way to play your simple strategy until you stop making simple mistakes that will lose all that you have won. If you are using basic strategies to help you with Blackjack, remember that you must master these simple strategies before moving on to more complex systems to achieve greater success.

It is also important to remember that there are many blackjack games that you can not effectively count on Blackjack cards. For example, many casinos are constantly using roundabout Blackjack machines, which wipes out all deck penetrations. This also applies to virtual blackjack casinos. Some of the online casinos use infinite destiny boxes, which means the same bet rate for each card you take. Other online casinos regularly dispense cards from the box, but after each round you are dealing cards. This is the same effect that makes it impossible to count cards while playing Blackjack in the elimination penetration, just as it is in the continuous mixing machine.