Spanish 21 Blackjack

Spanish 21 Blackjack has become a more difficult and tense game since the cash benefit and the 2% increase in commission. However, fortunately there are many extra bonuses and some high payouts.

It is a Blackjack game that raises popularity and is currently not as popular in online casinos as you can find in each of the offline casinos.

Like all other Blackjack versions, Spanish 21 has some similar characteristics such as scoring with Blackjack, goals and valetinology, but on the other hand it has some minor differences and extras like the other variations.

The first and most important difference is the lack of use of the 10s, which gives extra advantage to the muscle. In the vote, the valet, the girl and the pastor are still available, but not the 10s.

Double folding is only free after taking a new card or after splitting (on any card or hand). If the player double-folds, he must place the same amount of new bets at the start of the game. Players can also split up to 4 hands.

The players can be “handed over” to the croupier hand (except the croupier finds Blackjack or 21). They take back half of the bets they make on delivery.

Players may also be “surrendered” after they have double-folded at the same time. In this case they double back the amount they bet, but on the other hand they lose their first bet.

The players win in any case they reach 21 (irrespective of the croupier’s hand). Insurance is also available and a 2: 1 payment is made.

Finally, you can also do “double sided betting”: if you have a 7 open card with a Croupier’s open card 7, you will get a Super Bonus bet of $ 5 for $ 5-$ 24 bets and $ 5 for $ 25 bet. The other bet is that your hand is higher than the croup and that the payoff is up to 40: 1. 

Spanish 21 Blackjack How to Play?

Clearly, Spanish 21 is quite similar to regular Blackjack. All you need to remember is that Spanish 21 is “rescuing” or “surrendering.” You will not be able to use the 10s anymore, so do not forget the advantage over the case. The last major difference is extra bonuses and higher payouts. But let’s stop worrying about those pay-as-you-know dealers (if you do not want to learn internally).

Make your first bet and your side bet if you wish. Take your cards and surrender, split, double-fold, draw cards or pass. If you compare your hand with your croupier you will see whether you have won or lost or returned. The croupier you can not remember needs to remind you about bonuses and payments.

Spanish 21 Blackjack Hand Samples

The most important hand samples in Spanish 21 are the bonus hands that pay more extra than normal Blackjack:

– Blackjack makes a 3: 2 payout

– As shown above, it makes a 2: 1 deposit

– 5 cards 21 (21 cards to 5 cards) 3: 2 pay

– 6 cards 21; Make a 2: 1 payment

– 7 and more cards 21; Pay 3: 1

– Made of cards 6-7-8 21; Make a 2: 1 payment

– Mixed picture with 6-7-8 cards 21; Pay 3: 1

– Picture of the match from the 6-7-8 cards 21; Pay 3: 1

– 3 with 7 mixed pictures 21; Pay 3: 2

– 3 pieces of 7 pieces made of 21; Pay 3: 2

– 3 7-spades 21; Pay 3: 2

The player loses the bonus in case of double folding in the Spanish 21 Blackjack game.